From the Deputy Principal

Nearing the Finish Line

We can all relate to that last 50 to 100 metres of a race, be it a swimming event or horse race, the winning moves are always made at this stage by the fittest participant. They pass their competitors who lost stamina or chose the wrong strategy and elate in the glory of their achievement. Whilst we applaud the winner, we appreciate all the participating swimmers or horses for they held our attention throughout the race, and we appreciate the discipline required to prepare for such an event.

Our students are finalising assessment tasks and studying for examinations. There are examinations of limited core subjects from Year 8 and all core subjects at Year 9. The discipline increases further with all subjects offering formal examinations at Year 10. The finish line is nearing, it is important for students to maintain stamina and self-belief and know their teachers are on hand to support them with revision and advice.

On Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th November, we applaud the students who have achieved success in academics, competitive sport, arts, languages and science competitions, and celebrate an auspicious year at St Aloysius College. Celebration Evening – 2023 will take place in the College Hall over two evenings: Years 7&8 on Tuesday 14th and Years 9-11 on Wednesday 15th from 7pm. It is not just an entertaining evening for those who came ‘first’ but a celebration of learning, challenge, teamwork, and ultimately collective success. We mark our first year of co-education and congratulate and appreciate the success of all students embracing this new future.

From Monday 20th November we commence the Step Ahead Program. All students will move into the 2024 academic year moving up to the next year of schooling. They will also be moving Pastoral groups, lockers and timetables, meeting new teachers and challenging themselves to new races.

Key special November Dates:

  • 14th: Years 7&8 Celebration Evening
  • 15th: Years 9-11 Celebration Evening
  • 16th: Farewell 2023 Day – Special Program in Year Levels
  • 17th: Staff Professional Learning Day – student free day
  • 20th: First Day of Step Ahead

Ad Altiora

Rachel Valentine
Deputy Principal