High School Musical On Stage

From the Deputy Principal

With shows already sold out, additional seating was created to support the demand. Clearly, the reputation of our talented students is well appreciated in our community. The College Hall is being transformed into an American high school with a story of friendship, self-confidence, challenge, and achievement represented in a show filled with energy and positivity. With sport and music combining, High School Musical On Stage will truly have something for everyone!

While it is part of being human to enjoy music as an expression of emotion, singing brings a degree of self-consciousness. So when the protagonists, Troy and Gabriella, discover this shared joy, there are pressures of the political and social kind ahead for them. This musical has a large cast and ensemble and, of course, additional students backstage controlling props, set pieces, costumes, and audio.

To further cement our connection to our broader community, students and staff from primary schools: St. Michael’s, Holy Rosary and St John’s Footscray will visit St. Aloysius College on Wednesday, 20th June, to see the opening performance of High School Musical On Stage.

Our students have been mentored throughout the six-month process by professional performing artists and our Performing Arts staff. They have learned that performing musical theatre takes creativity, courage, and commitment.

Thank you to Nadia Lavelle, Director and Performing Arts Learning Leader; Amber Sindoni, one of our College’s Voice Teachers; Lisa Cunningham, professional choreographer; and many staff performing various responsibilities: Stefanie Schleinitz, Elijah Armato, Michael Chesser, Georgie Bilston, Jan Ma, Joanna Grujovski, Pippa Mills, Mary De Bono, and Madeleine Irvine. We also thank all the additional staff who have offered their time away from their families to supervise backstage or Front of House, operate the popcorn machines, and also parents from ‘Community Connect’ who assisted staff with the Snack Bar.

Limited tickets are still available, you can get them here!

Ad Altiora

Rachel Valentine
Deputy Principal