Rachel Valentine

College Musical

“The show was great fun and filled with such energy!”, “It was like a professional show!”, “The performers were so well prepared and talented!”

With audience feedback such as this, we could not be happier with our 2024 season of High School Musical.

The reliance on lighting and audio technology expands the connection between performer and audience, amplifying human creativity and talent in such a ‘live’ art form. The dancing, acrobatics, comedy, and singing make the familiar story about following one’s dreams exciting yet more accessible and tangible for a live audience compared to the cinematic version.

I still enjoy seeing young people put away their screens to interact, rehearse, collaborate, and sing to an audience. There is such a palpable humanity in all the elements of musical theatre. Despite it being ‘make-believe’ at times, the stories and feelings created translate to all ages in the audience. Regardless of one’s experience with a pair of dance shoes or a microphone, any audience member can appreciate the preparation, skill, and talent presented for their enjoyment.

The students themselves gain skills and experience, but more importantly, they build connections across year levels, which strengthens friendships, community, and pride in their college. Of course, this could not have been achieved without the support of our staff under the leadership of Nadia Lavelle and the expertise of our choreographer, Lisa Callaghan, and vocal coach, Amber Sindoni. Students experience a ‘professional’ standard with lighting, LED screen projections, and audio by Moving Lights Productions, and we thank them for enhancing our students’ learning experience.

I encourage all students to be bold and courageous, and to learn some new skills or concepts. At the very least, until next year’s auditions, don’t ‘stick to the status quo.’

Ad Altiora

Rachel Valentine
Deputy Principal