From the Deputy Principal

When you ask St Aloysius alumni about their favourite memories of student life at St Aloysius you will not hear about the perfectly prepared learning activity or something a teacher said that changed their life, you will instead receive a humorous classroom incident and always a memory of Camp.

This type of co-curricular activity may be marked by occasional cold showers or cold surf conditions, but the connections students make with their classmates and the sense of individual pride felt at achieving a task previously out of their comfort zone means the learning on camp and is deeply set.

Our Year 8 students are experiencing this now, but our Year 12 students prove that pushing your boundaries can also come in the form of an afternoon of indoor rock-climbing. The response from our seniors is filled with excitement (and splashes of terror) but overwhelming satisfaction. The indoor rock-climbing experiences are designed to strengthen relationships and trust amongst the students in the Pastoral classes. In addition, conquering fear helps students realise that they can achieve beyond what they see in front of them; something to take with them into their VCE studies and tertiary pathways.

The College’s co-curricular program is moving forward with increasing speed. Rowing, Debating, Chess, Sport and this coming week auditions for the 2023 College Musical “Seussical”.

Maybe in a few years, alumni from the Class of 2023 will also add the memory of rock climbing and other co-curricular activities to their ‘significant memories’ once they leave St Aloysius College to ‘strive for higher things’.

Ad Altiora

Rachel Valentine
Deputy Principal