Staff Spirituality Day

From the Deputy Principal

Fr Elio Capra led the staff on an engaging journey of parables, miracles, and art at our recent Staff Spirituality Day. Fr Elio wove through a strong theme of religious recontextualisation, like a ribbon bringing together a variety human perceptions and interpretations of the Gospel. Staff learnt how the gospels of Matthew, Luke and John were written with many different foci, the purpose to always appeal to the context and understandings of the intended audience.

Presenting to an audience predominantly of teachers can be a challenge, however Fr Elio’s presentation was humorous and engaging and encouraged staff to find ways to live out our 2023 College Theme “We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.” in our classrooms and in our interactions with people.

A highlight for me was the analysis of art and depictions in particular of the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. One depiction painted by French impressionist James Tissot (1886-1896) and then a modern Australian version by Jan Hynes that depicts an indigenous boy with the loaves and fish & chips designed to deliver a northern Queensland context. The contrasting styles and delivery reminded us about being ensuring our spiritual messages and our “shining light” need to be designed for the context of our community.

Ad Altiora

Rachel Valentine
Deputy Principal