Seussical JR

From the Deputy Principal

It couldn’t possibly be, but it is…., the critics have judged it as the best show ever!

By critics, I mean the students and staff from primary schools: St Michael’s, North Melbourne, Holy Rosary, Kensington and St John’s Footscray who visited St Aloysius College on Wednesday to see the opening performance of Seussical Jr.

The energy, the colour, the music was as fully entertaining as the famously imaginative characters created by Dr Seuss in his broad series of children’s books. The important theme in the story is defending the rights of all, ‘a person’s a person no matter how small’ is clearly expressed on stage. The students related to the values of compassion, inclusivity and hospitality highlighted in the synopsis.

By the time we publish our edition we will have completed another two performances, which means our students have experienced more of the thrill, skill, commitment and courage needed to create a production that features St Aloysius College students so uniquely. Our students have been mentored throughout the 6-month process by professional performing artists and our Performing Arts staff. They have learnt that performing musical theatre is less about indulging individual egos and far more about individual responsibility to ensure the collaboration of parts, on stage, backstage, off stage come together for the common cause, which is to “ be curious, become brilliant” and entertain our very satisfied audiences.

Thank you to Nadia Lavelle, Director and Performing Arts Learning Leader, Amber Sindoni, one of our College’s Voice Teachers, Lisa Cunningham, professional choreographer, and many staff performing various responsibilities: Siobhan Bloomfield, Michael Chesser, Theresa Daunt, Jan Ma, Joanna Grujovski, Pippa Mills, Mary De Bono, Madeleine Irvine. We also thank all the additional staff who have offered their time away from their families, to supervise backstage or Front of House, operate the popcorn machines and also parents from ‘Community Connect’ who assisted staff with the Snack Bar.

‘Chookas’ to the students for the upcoming performances and enjoy building more memories of the show, all part of your learning journey at St Aloysius College.

Ad Altiora

Rachel Valentine
Deputy Principal