From the Deputy Principal

Being Part of Something Bigger

St Aloysius College, founded by the Sisters of Mercy 137 years ago has been governed by Mercy Education Limited for 9 years. The Sisters’ legacy of compassion, justice and service is safeguarded through ministries such as Mercy Health, Mercy Works, Young Mercy Links and many others. Mercy Education is leading the education of thousands of children and young people across the southern states of Australia.

I recently attended the Mercy Education Deputy Principals Conference held in Perth with the topic “Student Diversity and Inclusion” as the focus. Inclusion is of course, a founding pillar of Catholicism, made evident through the Gospel stories of Jesus, who regularly modelled assisting the marginalised and bringing justice and hope to those in need. Pope Francis notes the connectedness of all things from an ecological and spiritual perspective but also leads by example in accompanying people on their personal journeys no matter where they may start. Diversity is not only accepted but an essential element of life and we should always model hospitality, respect and courage to include and support our students.

The topics covered at the conference varied from history lessons standing on the site of where the Sisters of Mercy first established a school in Australia by Mother Ursula Frayne, to lectures by Rev Fr Joe Parkinson, Director of Catholic Bioethics in Perth and others on leading gender-inclusive schools, neurodiversity, cultural diversity and experiencing access to education for indigenous students coming from remote areas of Western Australia.

Without the deliberate inclusion of these groups, we are ignoring the strategies required to allow equity in education. Through conferences such as these, sharing ideas and experiences, being part of something bigger, we can help young person to reach their potential and the education of all the students we serve becomes unlimited.

Ad Altiora

Rachel Valentine
College Principal