First Communion

From the Director of Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos

On Saturday 22nd of June, Georgia Gilbert (7A), and Honor Moody (7E), received their First Holy Communion in a celebration of the mass at St Brendan’s Church. They were joined by students from St Brendan’s primary school and parish community, with the mass celebrated by Fr Thang Vu.

Our students had been part of the sacramental program at the College, preparing for the sacraments.

First Holy Communion is an important tradition for Catholic families and individuals. It is haring in the body and blood of the Lord at Mass (Sacrament of the Eucharist) for the first time, and is the summit of the initiation process. Partaking in the Eucharist with the rest of the community at the Table of the Lord is a sign of belonging fully to that community.

Students were joined by family and friends and receive a certificate of the occasion at the conclusion of the mass.

Michael Chesser
Director of Cathlic Mission & Mercy Ethos