Concussion Guidelines

From the Health Centre

This month, in the Health Centre, there has been a focus on understanding the new concussion guidelines released by the Australian Institute of Sport. With all this research, the implications of a concussion on the growing adolescent brain have been identified. Moving forward, we are hoping to minimise the risk of these implications by educating our Health, PE, and ACS staff and coaches about the importance of "if in doubt, sit them out" when dealing with head injuries sustained during sports.

You can help support the community in raising awareness by discussing this topic at your local sporting clubs or extracurricular activities in which your child participates.

If your child is diagnosed with a concussion outside of school, please let their Year Level Leader, College Nurse, and Siobhan Bloomfield know so that they can be supported in their return to school after injury.

For further information, please visit the Concussion in Sport website.