Asthma and Health Sessions

From the Health Centre

Welcome to Springtime the weather is warmer, but the pollens are back. This is the time of year that hay fever hits and there is a higher chance of having an asthma attack. Which means it is a great time of year to have your asthma, hay fever and general respiratory health checked by a GP. They can ensure that your action plan is up to date, make changes as necessary observe your technique and assist you if you are having difficulties. What if you are having troubles seeing your GP you can always call 1800 ASTHMA and an asthma educator can discuss all of this with you

It is also a great time to make sure you are aware of asthma first aid to keep not only yourself and your family safe but help the community if there is a thunderstorm asthma event. All of this information can be found through the National Asthma Council Australia website.

Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to teach the year 10’s some basic First Aid skills we have covered DRS ABCD, how to perform CPR, what to do if someone is intoxicated and how to look out for friends, basic wound dressings, fractures, and how to help in a choking episode. The girls were all really well involved and interactive throughout the sessions, looking forward to completing these skills with the remaining cohort.

Jodie Laube, School Nurse