From the Principal

Dear Parents/carers,

As we approach the end of another remarkable term, we continue to celebrate the many exciting events and activities that have taken place throughout Term 2. In particular, we have been witnessed to the growing confidence of our students in ACS competitions and we have taken great pride in their sporting achievements – equally, we are looking forward to celebrating their participation and successes in future competitions.

Production Rehearsal

The past weeks have been a whirlwind of creativity and excitement as our students embraced their roles in the upcoming school production, Seussical Jnr. Our dedicated staff have been working tirelessly with the students, nurturing their acting skills, and refining their performances. The production crew have also been working hard to ensure that everything will be right on the night!

The commitment and dedication demonstrated by our students have been commendable. We encourage you to come along, bring extended family and friends, and join us for this eagerly anticipated production – I am very sure that when St Aloysius students take centre stage, they will leave you in awe!

Year 7 2024 Information Evening

At our recent Year 7 2024 information evening, we welcomed prospective parents and students to our school. This special event was an opportunity to showcase our vibrant learning environment, and the comprehensive support we offer to students transitioning from primary to secondary school.

The information evening provided an insight into our school's curriculum, extracurricular activities, and pastoral care initiatives.

We are very excited to welcome the incoming Year 7 cohort and look forward to supporting them throughout their educational journey.

St Aloysius Day Celebration

Next week, Wednesday June 21, we will be celebrating St Aloysius Day. This special day provides us with an opportunity to honour our patron saint and his teachings. A liturgy will be held in the College Hall followed by several fun activities to celebrate this significant day.


Several staff members will be taking leave during Term 3; parents/carers of students who this will relate to will be informed by the Director of College Operations.

I would like to thank Mr Luke Fussell for his commitment to our students’ learning since his commencement in 2022 at the College and wish him all best as he prepares to commence his new role in an International School abroad.

Our prayers

Our prayers are with Pope Francis as he recovers from his recent surgery.

Mary Farah
College Principal