From the Principal

In the rich tapestry of the Catholic Church's liturgical calendar, July emerges as a month filled with celebrations, solemnities, and vibrant traditions. Last Sunday, 16 July the Carmelites celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at the Stella Maris Monastery in Haifa, Israel. Pilgrims clad in traditional Carmelite brown robes participated in processions, carrying statues of the Blessed Virgin adorned with flowers, as a symbol of devotion and gratitude. The month of July also marks the beginning of pilgrimages to various Catholic shrines and holy sites around the world, such as Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal. Pilgrimage reminds me that we are all travellers in faith, and the month of July reminds us as Catholics of the need to journey together, to journey in unison.

World Youth Day Lisbon

This year witnesses the 16th incarnation of World Youth Day (WYD). The first World Youth Day took place in 1984 when a gathering of over 250,000 young people flocked to the streets of Rome in response to the then-Pope, John Paul II’s invitation to young people to celebrate Palm Sunday during a special holy year. The following year, an even greater number turned out to celebrate with the Pope and so in 1986 the first official WYD was held. Since then, World Youth Day has been celebrated in 15 different countries and is now a week-long event of prayer, festivities and celebration for young people to gather together to share their faith in Jesus Christ.

This year’s World Youth Day will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 2-6 August. Mary De Bono, one of our staff members, will travel with a group of emerging leaders from Catholic schools, healthcare, and social service agencies, with an itinerary tailored to forming leaders for mission. We wish Mary a safe, spiritually rich and fulfilling journey.

College Production

Yesterday evening we had the opening night for our annual College production, this year Seussical the Musical. I can confidently report to you that the students’ performance was magnificent and brilliant, and I hope you will have the opportunity to see it. I extend my thanks to all staff involved - in particular to Nadia Lavelle the Performing Arts Leader, for her endless commitment, and all the hours she has spent to ensure our students’ skills in performing are amazing and their talents are celebrated.

Mary Farah
College Principal