Student Leadership and VCE Support

From the Principal

Next Tuesday, 8 August, is the Solemnity of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, the Melbourne girl canonised in 2010. St Mary MacKillop was famous for saying Never see a need without doing something about it, and many of our students recently lived up to this. This week I, along with other members of the Leadership Team, was involved in interviewing Year 11 students who have applied for a leadership portfolio in 2024. The students were very impressive and their applications reflected the passion and commitment they have for both the College and the entire student body.

All students who applied for roles have undertaken a compulsory course designed by Ms Siobhan Bloomfield, Director of Students and Programs, where they reflected upon Mercy Leadership and its importance in our College Community. I congratulate all students who put their hands up to be elected by their peers and staff and I wish them all the very best.

Overall, student leadership in a Mercy school goes beyond titles and positions. It is about nurturing the potential of every student to become a compassionate and principled leader, committed to making a positive impact on the lives of others and upholding the values of mercy and justice in everything they do.

In this edition of the newsletter, staff and students have shared some of the events that have taken place recently, highlighting the achievements of our students. Congratulations to all.

For students who are undertaking a Unit 3/4 subject, the next few weeks will bring into clarity the upcoming examinations. As parents, it's important to understand that your child will naturally begin to feel more 'pressure' as the final SACs build up and revision work commences. During the next couple of months it's also important for you to support your child by reiterating that we ask that they do their very best, and not to worry about perceived ATAR ranks or Study Scores. In my experience it's very clear, do your best and the scores sort themselves out. Working to the extent of your limitations is difficult, but knowing that you've done your best is the greatest reward - and that is what we are proud about at St Aloysius.

Mary Farah
College Principal