From the Principal

It's difficult to believe that the end of secondary school for Year 12 students is here. Although each school year is similar in routine and procedure, each group is as unique and as individual as are fingerprints. Each cohort is an extended family and community who live, play, work and coexist together for nearly 6 years at St Aloysius. As the class of 2023 concludes their final classes today, I would like to congratulate all the students on their achievements and hope that they have all enjoyed 2023; and I hope that they are very prepared for their final examinations. As part of farewelling and celebrating their time as students at St Aloysius, on Monday a special assembly has been organised to farewell the class of 2023 followed by the Graduation Mass and Valedictory Dinner on Thursday. I thank all the parents who will be ending their association with the College as their daughter concludes her secondary education at St Aloysius and thank them for their support; you will always be part of the extended St Aloysius and Mercy family.

Last week the College celebrated our Annual Art and Technology Exhibition. I was pleased to see the very large numbers of interested family members that attended the opening, including Old Collegians. The display of talent, skill and commitment to the task at hand was a wonder and we can all be very proud of the talented artists and technicians we have at our College. Congratulations to the students and staff involved under the leadership of the Arts Leader Ms Joanna Grujovski. It was fantastic and you can be rightly proud.

It is not though just an end and a beginning for Year 12s alone. I share with you that Ms. Kate Lonsdale after 9 years at St Aloysius College will begin a new post in her teaching career at St Columba’s Essendon. I thank her for her amazing and significant contributions to the journey of St Aloysius, she will be greatly missed by both staff and students. Thank you, Kate, for all your commitment, passion and the endless time you gave in supporting our students.

As war and conflicts continue arising in many parts of the world, we pray for the healing of the wounds of war, both physical and emotional. We ask God to send comfort to those who have lost loved ones, and bring solace to the hearts of those who are grieving.

Mary Farah
College Principal