Valedictory and Celebrating our Teachers

From the Principal

On Thursday 19 October, the annual Valedictory Mass and Dinner was held to pay tribute to our 2023 Valedictorians. Our Mass at St Brendan’s with the celebrant, Father Thang, was a joyful occasion and celebrated our Year 12 students in the context of the celebration of our Catholic faith. This was followed by an evening of celebration, which included the presenting to the Class of 2023 of their Year 12 Certificates from St Aloysius College.

VCE exams commenced on Tuesday with the English paper. I would like to wish all students who are sitting exams the very best in the next few weeks and thank all our teachers for preparing our students for this moment in their learning journey.

Today, Friday October 27, we celebrate World Teachers Day, which is the perfect time to reflect upon the immense contributions of our educators, and to express our gratitude.

The theme for World Teachers’ Day 2023, "Hats Off for Teachers," pays homage to the incredible educators who play a fundamental role in shaping the future of all students. This theme calls for a collective acknowledgment of their unwavering commitment and outstanding contributions to our personal and collective growth. Our very own St. Aloysius educators embody the spirit of this year's theme. They wear many hats – as mentors, role models, motivators, and guides, ensuring that our students receive not just an education but an all-encompassing learning experience. On behalf of all within our college community I salute and thank them for all the care, support and commitment they bring to their roles.

Prayer for St Aloysius College Teachers

Lord we ask you to grant our teachers the wisdom to guide our students with patience, the strength to overcome challenges, and the compassion to understand the uniqueness of every learner.
May they find joy and fulfillment in their vocation and continue to inspire generations with their knowledge, dedication, and care.
As we celebrate World Teachers’ Day, let us remember that teaching is a ministry of shaping young hearts and minds.
We pray for the students under their care, that they may be open to the gift of learning and show respect and appreciation for their teachers. Help them recognise the profound influence teachers have on their lives.

Happy World Teachers Day!

Mary Farah
College Prinicpal