Welcome to the 2024 Academic Year

From the Principal

Beginnings bring with them a sense of anticipation and a feeling of excitement. It is, therefore, with both anticipation and excitement that I warmly welcome back our students and staff to another academic year, particularly extending this welcome to all students and staff who are joining our College community for the first time this year.

As the holiday period becomes an increasingly distant memory, and our focus turns to 2024 and all it will hold, I would like to refer to the Founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley, who once remarked: “God does not look at the action, but at the spirit motivating it.” When I think of this statement, it reminds me of Catherine McAuley’s life as she founded the Sisters of Mercy - the vividness of her certainty as a Servant of God and the hardship of cholera epidemics and the establishment of twelve foundations in just ten years. Hence, our College theme for 2024 is this: Act with Mercy, Serve with Compassion. It is a theme that I am sure will resonate as a community and as individuals this year, particularly when faced with any sort of challenge. I hope that our 2024 theme will provide inspiration and help us always strive for higher things.

Our tagline for this year is A Journey of Excellence, which sets the tone for the overarching theme of continuous improvement and aspiration within our College community. It highlights our holistic education and commitment to growth, learning, and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of academic and personal development.

Last year's VCE results were once again a very pleasing testament to not only the hard work and talents of the students but also to the endeavors of the staff. On Monday, 5 February, we will be hosting a School Assembly to recognise and celebrate the success of our high-achieving students from 2023, which will, I’m sure, serve as a motivating stimulus to our Class of 2024.

Although the academic year has just begun, the few days back have been packed to the rafters with a retreat, a formal, assemblies, staff days, and much, much more.

On Thursday and Friday of this week, our Year 12s gathered for their annual Retreat - this year held at St Mary’s College, at the University of Melbourne. It was a chance for them to reflect upon where they are in their lives and to steady themselves for what will certainly be the most challenging, most complex, most frustrating, most fun, and most emotional year of their schooling. Resilience and perspective are key takeaways because these are the traits which serve a Year 12 student the most - perspective is a very mature attitude, and resilience is perhaps the key to sustained success; maturity and sustained effort are the wings that will carry the Class of 2024 to 'strive for higher things.'

Members of the College Advisory for 2024 are listed on the College website. I encourage all parents/carers who would like to join the College Community Connect to get in touch with Madeline Irvine, College Marketing and Communication Director.

It only remains for me to warmly welcome you all back or for the first time. Also, I am thrilled to welcome the new staff members listed in this newsletter. Welcome all - and let's have a great 2024.

Mary Farah
College Principal