Gratitude and Joy

From the Principal

On Monday, February 12th, our community came together in a spirit of joy and gratitude for our opening School Mass. We gathered to offer thanks to God for the safe and enriching holiday period we recently enjoyed and to express our appreciation for our safe return. It was a moment filled with warmth and anticipation for the journey that lies ahead.

I extend my sincere gratitude to Father Thang, our Celebrant, and to all who joined us in this wonderful celebration of faith and community. Special thanks to Sister Carmel McCormack and Sister Margaret McDonald, who represented the Sisters of Mercy; Trustee Director Gabrielle McMullan; Mercy Ministry Companions; members of Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools; Nigel Zimmerman, Director of Catholic Mission and Identity; Sarah Perry, Regional General Manager, Northern Region; and Craig Holmes, Regional Leadership Consultant – Secondary, Northern Region. Also, Michael Conti, Member of the College Advisory Council. Their presence added immense value to our gathering, and their support is deeply appreciated.

Additionally, we took a moment to acknowledge Mr. Christopher Houlihan, our retiring CEO, for his unwavering dedication and service to our College Community (where he started as a teacher). Christopher's contributions, spanning decades in Catholic and Mercy Education, have left an indelible mark not only on our institution but across the Catholic and Mercy network. We wished Christopher well for his retirement, which occurs at the end of this term, knowing his legacy will continue to inspire us.

On Wednesday, we came together once again to observe Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent – a solemn season of reflection and renewal. As we embark upon this journey, Pope Francis's words remind us of the importance of introspection and embracing Christ's teachings. Lent serves as a time for us to deepen our spiritual connection, engage in acts of compassion, and reflect on our own growth.

Let us embrace this sacred season with open hearts and minds, allowing it to guide us in our personal and collective journeys of renewal. Wishing you all a very reflective Lenten Season as we prepare for Easter.