Mary Farah

From the Principal

Last week we celebrated Mother's Day with a wonderful breakfast, where we had the privilege of honouring and celebrating the incredible mothers within our school community. We are immensely grateful to the following mothers who graciously shared their stories at this event:

  • Mirriam Bako, mother of Fadzai (Year 10). Mirriam works as an advisor with the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. Her role is to provide guidance and advice to their divisions (Housing and Child Protection) on how to appropriately address and respond to enquiries and investigations by the Victorian Ombudsman.
  • Liana Buchanan, mother of Noah (Year 8). Liana is Victoria’s Principal Commissioner for Children and Young People, and is also a part-time Commissioner of the Victorian Law Reform Commission.
  • Daniela Rutz, mother of Sonya (Year 8). Daniela is an anaesthetist who emigrated from Switzerland with her family just prior to the COVID pandemic. She shared her stories of resilience, hard work and making every second count.

Their words and experiences served as both an inspiration and a poignant reminder of the profound impact that mothers have on our lives, as well as the importance of recognising and appreciating their presence and dedication. I am also thrilled to report that the morning's ticket sales, raffle and donations raised $1,500 for McAuley Community Services for Women.

Each year, we celebrate National Family Week (May 13-17). This annual event provides us with a valuable opportunity to reflect upon the significance of family bonds and the role they play in shaping our lives and our communities. National Family Week is celebrated to coincide with the United Nations International Day of Families, which occurs on May 15.

National Families Week aligns seamlessly with the ethos of our Mercy Education values, as it underscores the importance of nurturing strong and supportive family environments. Just as Catherine McAuley believed in the power of community and the importance of caring for one another, National Families Week encourages us to cherish and celebrate the diverse family structures that form the cornerstone of our society. The theme for 2024 is Building Compassionate Families and Communities. Our Mercy values emphasise the dignity and worth of every individual, the importance of community, and the call to serve those in need. These values are deeply intertwined with the concept of family. We believe that families are the primary source of love, support, and guidance for children, and that strong families create stronger communities.

During this week, let us reaffirm our dedication to upholding the values of Mercy Education, which call upon us to embrace diversity, promote justice, and foster a culture of belonging where all are valued and respected. As such we extend our deepest gratitude to all, carers, and families who make St. Aloysius College such a special place.

I leave you with the words of Pope Francis:

Over and over again we see that family bonds are essential for the stability of relationships in society, for the work of education, and for integral human development, for they are inspired by love, responsible intergenerational solidarity, and mutual trust. These are factors that can make even the most adverse situations more bearable and bring a spirit of trust fraternity to our world, enabling it to feel as a single family, where the greatest attention is paid to those most in need.
Pope Francis   |   Address to the United Nations, Clementine Hall, 2013

Mary Farah
College Principal