Mary Farah

From the Principal

Acknowledging Refugee Week

Last week, we acknowledged and celebrated Refugee Week, a time dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of refugees around the world. Our students participated in various activities. These activities not only educated but also inspired a sense of empathy and solidarity amongst our student body.

College Production: A Triumph of Talent and Teamwork

The College Production, High School Musical, which took place last week, was a resounding success, showcasing the incredible talent and hard work of our students and staff. From stunning performances to impeccable backstage work, every element came together seamlessly. I extend my deepest gratitude to the students for their dedication and creativity, and to the staff for their tireless efforts in guiding and supporting the production. Your collective efforts have not only entertained but also enriched our community. In particular, I would like to acknowledge all the work and vision of Nadia Lavelle, the College Performing Arts Leader and also the Production Director.

Thank you to all who attended one of the performances, and I hope you enjoyed the marvellous talents of all involved.

St Aloysius Day: What a Celebration!

The celebration of St Aloysius Day on Friday, 21 June, was a significant event, marked by joy, reflection, and community spirit. Father Thang was our Mass Celebrant, and we were honoured by the presence of a number of the Sisters of Mercy, Mr. Anthony Loschiavo, Chief Executive of Mercy Ministry Companions, and Mr. Craig Holmes, Regional Leadership Consultant, Secondary, Northern Region, MACS. Staff and students engaged in a number of fun activities, including fancy dress.

End of Term

As we approach the end of the term, we reflect on the hard work and achievements of our entire college community. This term has been filled with many successes and achievements, and through it all, the dedication and resilience of our students and staff have been testaments to such a wonderful term.

I wish all a happy and safe semester break.

Mary Farah
College Principal