From the Principal

Yesterday, the annual Valedictory Mass and Dinner was held to pay tribute to our 2022 Valedictorians. Our Mass at St Brendan’s with the celebrant, Father Thang Vu, was a joyful occasion and celebrated our Year 12 students in the context of the celebration of our Catholic faith. This was followed by an evening of celebration, which included the presenting to the Class of 2022 of their Year 12 certificates from St Aloysius. As we said farewell, it became very evident how much of a team these Year 12s are. One of their strengths was clear – teamwork.

It reminded me of an article I recently read by Benjamin P. Hardy:

“A certain farmer had become old and ready to pass his farm down to one of his two sons. When he brought his sons together to speak about it, he told them: The farm will go to the younger son.
The older son was furious! “What are you talking about?!” he fumed.
The father sat patiently, thinking.
“Okay,” the father said, “I need you to do something for me. We need more stocks. Will you go to Cibi’s farm and see if he has any cows for sale?”
The older son shortly returned and reported, “Father, Cibi has 6 cows for sale.”
The father graciously thanked the older son for his work. He then turned to the younger son and said, “I need you to do something for me. We need more stocks. Will you go to Cibi’s farm and see if he has any cows for sale?”
The younger son did as he was asked. A short while later, he returned and reported, “Father, Cibi has 6 cows for sale. Each cow will cost 2,000 rupees. If we are thinking about buying more than 6 cows, Cibi said he would be willing to reduce the price 100 rupees. Cibi also said they are getting special jersey cows next week if we aren’t in a hurry, it may be good to wait. However, if we need the cows urgently, Cibi said he could deliver the cows tomorrow.”
The father graciously thanked the younger son for his work. He then turned to the older son and said, “That’s why your younger brother is getting the farm.”

Most people only do the minimum requirement. Conversely, those who become successful do more.

Being successful requires being proactive it means you are committed to all that you do. As I addressed at the Class of 2022 at the Valedictory Dinner:

“Young people have so many wonderful qualities – in particular, the qualities of curiosity, of adventure, of resilience and of wonder. Qualities which I urge all those graduating tonight to hold dear. For without curiosity, adventure, resilience or wonder, life is a little duller, a little less interesting, a little less fulfilling.

Alongside the qualities of curiosity, adventure, resilience and wonder, the greatest gift you have is your imagination - for it is your imagination that can lead you to worlds unknown, to solutions yet un-thought, to destinations literally unimagined. Keep both eyes upon the path to the destination you seek.

That path, like any journey, has a beginning and an end, and the best paths and journeys are shared with others. One other, as a St Aloysius girl, will always be the spirit of Mercy. That spirit of Mercy Values, including integrity, perseverance, and desire, will help support and guide you on whichever path, whatever journey, you find yourself upon”.

I take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all the staff at St Aloysius for the care and support they have provided the class of 2022 to reach this final stage of their secondary education.

In other news, on Saturday, October 15 we celebrated the Feast Day of St Theresa of Avilla – a Spanish nun, one of the great mystic and religious women of the Church, and author of spiritual classics. I share with you one of her prayers:

Let nothing disturb you,
let nothing frighten you,
all things will pass away.
God never changes;
patience obtains all things,
whoever has God lacks nothing.
God alone suffices.
Theresa of Avila

Mary Farah, College Principal