From the Senior Years

Year 12 and Year 11 students studying a Unit 3/4 subject are in the midst of the busiest period of their academic year. Unit 4 subjects are in the final weeks of learning and demonstration of student achievement in their final SACs. Additionally, students may also be completing ongoing folio tasks as part of student SATs and, finally, some students will be focusing on their preparation for their external VCAA language oral examinations.

In conversations with students, the Year 11 and 12 pastoral leaders have reassured students that this period of business is the same for all students across Victoria, certainly it has always been the same in the four previous schools I’ve worked in. There is no school where other Year 12 students have the perfect run at this time of year. Life is imperfect and we do the best we can with the time we have.

Contrasting to the academic pressure, has been student enjoyment of the much-prized Year 12 jumpers. Students can wear these every day until their completion of their final external VCAA examination, with the following exceptions as formal events where the full summer uniform and blazer is required:

  • Mercy Day (Friday 8 September)
  • Final Year 12 Assembly (Monday 16 October)
  • Valedictory Mass and Valedictory Dinner (Thursday 19 October)

Wearing the College Year 12 jumpers everyday is a measurable gain for the Class of 2023. We thank students, parents and carers for supporting students to celebrate these formal events with their full College uniform at its dry-cleaned best.

Parents and carers of Year 12 students will have received information regarding the Year 12 Class of 2023 final week arrangements, as well as instructions for the Valedictory Mass and Valedictory Dinner. At this time we remind you that all families are offered the same number of tickets at the initial release. Should more seating become available, the College may consider a second release if available.

As part of the Valedictory celebrations, a Year 12 Valedictorian is awarded. This is a highly prestigious title that is given to one student from the Year 12 cohort and is voted for by the Year 12 students and staff to represent the cohort as Valedictorian.

The student that is chosen as Valedictorian exemplifies our school motto of Ad Altiora - Strive for Higher Things. This can be reflected in a number of ways including through academic achievements, social justice commitments, school community spirit or through being an exemplary Mercy student. The Valedictorian will address all attendees at the Valedictory evening with a speech that reflects their experiences that speak to the year level across their schooling at St Aloysius College and offers insights and reflections on their learning and growth over time.