From the Senior Years

As a proud Mercy school, St Aloysius College celebrated Mercy Day on Friday 8 September. For Year 11 and 12 students this was an important day to come together as a College community, to remember the legacy of Catherine McAuley who opened the House of Mercy on Baggot street Dublin, Ireland in 1827 and founded the Sisters of Mercy.

Students acknowledged the work and commitment the Sisters of Mercy had and continue to have on devoting their life to the poor, sick and uneducated. And we who are part of this continue in their legacy of caring and compassion in the name of Mercy.

The impact that Catherine McAuley had in responding to the needs of her community is an inspiring message of compassion, care and courage to establish her vision for Mercy and what is now a major provider of education, healthcare, relief for those in need, and in the lived spirituality for all in society. It is enduring and a great thing for our St Aloysius students and staff to be part of.

On the day, students were fortunate to hear from guest speaker and former North Melbourne footballer Jamie Macmillan. This was an inspiring and valuable learning experience for our Senior Students. Particularly poignant was his story of taking the place of an experienced, senior player in the team prior to an important game in the finals series. The response of the senior player was one of full support for Macmillan despite his personal feelings of missing out. The senior teammate’s words were short and sweet to Macmillan: “Play your best. Go out and smash it.” Rising above his personal feelings and wishing his peer the best for was a selfless act for the betterment of his team. He, like us at the College, celebrates the success of others.

Prefect announcements will take place on Monday 16 October. This will coincide with and form part of the Year 12 Final Assembly and will be a fitting time when emerging leaders take on the positions vacated by our Year 12 students, as they embark on their individual study in preparation for their external VCAA examinations. To support students completing their external examinations, a reminder to all students, parents and carers that students have a range of revision seminars offered by their teachers in all VCE Unit 3 and 4 subjects.

Tom Crowle
Senior Years Leader