Finding joy in anticipation

From the Senior Years

This past fortnight has brought a close to Year 11 students’ 2023 academic year with final classes for Unit 2 being completed, feedback from examinations provided to students and major celebration events and Assemblies marking a ceremonial close to the year.

On Thursday 16 November, Year 11 students led their Farewell Assembly and Liturgy. At this Assembly, future College captains Abbey L and April T, reflected on the 2023 College theme and the ways in which all Year 11 students have acted as “shinning lamps”, giving light to all around them. Abbey and April spoke about the way that Year 11 students have shown initiative, leadership and encouragement this year. These are definitely traits that I’ve observed and all Year 11 students are to be commended on a positive year.

In speaking to the year level, Abbey and April commented:

Regardless of whether we have chosen to undertake leadership roles, it is evident that everyone [in] this cohort has displayed leadership throughout the year. This leadership can be seen in the classrooms, as we help and assist each other throughout our learning. It can be seen in the yard, in the way in which we interact with others. It can also be seen on the sporting field, seen in the way talented individuals use their skills, communication and initiative to help lead others. Regardless of whether we notice it or not, we have all been and will continue to be shining lamps to those around us.

Another important aspect of leadership, mentoring and modelling was provided by our 2023 Alumni – Freya T, Peniel S and Charlotte N – who offered their personal insights, strategies and successes as Year 12 students this year in an ABC Q&A-inspired forum for the Year 11 and 12 cohorts for 2024. I hope that the students may have reflected on this with parents at home about what their learnings were, and perhaps what habits they might aspire to in 2024.

I would like to share with parents the many positive remarks made by VCE teachers about the mindset and positive approach displayed by many of the emerging Year 11 and Year 12 student cohorts for 2024. It has been excellent to see many Year 11 students from the 2023 cohort completing unprompted forward reading, detailed note-taking, and annotations of content to be covered in upcoming classes. This truly is Ad Altiora – striving for higher things. I commend all students who have begun in this manner and would encourage students to reflect on the notion that “we begin, as we mean to finish.”

Sustaining this momentum comes from positive reinforcement. Celebrating small wins – a positive use of a Study Period to complete set homework, completing 30 minutes of additional revision not directed by the teacher – are all important in generating and sustaining momentum. It is important that these small ‘wins’ are noticed and commended. Parents can encourage students to draw on their curiosity about the year ahead to reframe any nerves about what could be. To find joy in anticipation of possibility and what might be. To visualize that hopeful future and pursue it with enthusiasm and drive.

Ad Altiora

Tom Crowle
Senior Years Leader

Reissued Academic Award: Year 11 Physics

An award for Year 11 Physics was issued as an administrative error on Wednesday 15 November. A sincere apology on behalf of the College to the correct award winner of the Year 11 Physics Acadmic Award, Melanie Quach of Year 11B.