Tom Crowle

From the Senior Years

On ANZAC Day 2024, communities across Australia and New Zealand came together in solemn remembrance, honoring the courage and sacrifice of those who served in conflicts past and present. Students from St Aloysius College paid tribute to this service and contribution at the ANZAC Day Liturgy on Monday 22 April. This was poignant liturgy that served as a reminder of the enduring legacy of bravery and the commitment to never forget the sacrifices made for freedom and peace. I commend all VCE students that played a key role in organising and leading the commemorative service.

Lest we forget

Above: Year 12 Prefect, Isabel Valsecchi-Dormer speaking at the ANZAC Day Liturgy full College Assembly on Monday 22 April

The past few weeks have been a highly engaging time of enrichment for class-based learning for several VCE classes across a range of subjects learning areas. The tailored learning program for VCE students seamlessly blends education with real-world experiences, fostering deep engagement and practical understanding.

For Year 11 VCE students as part of their Nourish program, students took part in a second of three incursions from Elevate Education on the topic of ‘time management’ – a critical skill for VCE and later workplace success. Students spoke positively about the range of strategies discussed and the difference between the ‘Zone of Demand’ (work that must be completed such as ‘pre’ and ‘post’ learning tasks) and ‘Zone of Marks’ (additional, targeted study that focused on exam-based tasks and questions). Additionally, the mindset of ‘Task, not time’ was another approach for students to promote effective habits and positive reinforcements for completion of tasks. Finally, the idea of a productive study group was a new strategy that few students had previously implemented. These are timely reminders for Year 11 students who have recently received their Unit 1 school-based examination timetable.

Unit 1–3 Visual Communications and Design

For the Unit 1 and 3 Visual Communications and Design class, the excursion to Melbourne Museum served as an immersive exploration of artistic inspiration and historical context, igniting creativity and critical thinking.

The year 11 and 12 Visual Communication Design students attended the Top Designs exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. We were able to see some of the high achieving folios from the class of 2023. This was especially helpful for the year 12 students as it gave us inspiration for our own SAT folios which we have begun this term. Thank you to Ms Franze and Ms Bloomfield for organising the excursion.
Molly M (12C)
Above: Year 11-12 VCE Visual Communication and Design students visiting Melbourne Museum as part of their learning to see high performing VCE student work on display

Unit 1 Business Management

Simultaneously, the VCE Unit 1 Business Management class embarked on a journey to the Yakult factory operations centre, unveiling the intricate workings of a successful business model firsthand. These excursions not only enrich students' academic knowledge but also cultivate an appreciation for interdisciplinary learning, preparing them for future endeavours with curiosity and insight.

Unit 1 Business Management
Learning about the Yakult factory provided valuable insights into the operations of a successful global company. The content that we have learned so far in the year has helped us to transfer that knowledge into real-life situations. I'd like to thank Mr. Miller for teaching us those skills and for organizing this opportunity to experience a day at the Yakult factory.
Mei Z (11B)

Above: Year 11 Business Management students visiting Yakult factory operations as part of their learning about business operations and corporate social responsibility

Celebration of Academic Excellence: Sofia Staropoli

Year 11 English Term 1

Congratulations to Sofia Staropoli who was recognised for her excellent results in Unit 1 English from Term 1. This was awarded by Mr Valladares at the Year 11 Level Assembly on Friday 19 April.