Examinations and Co-curricular Involvement

From the Senior Years

This is a particularly busy time of year for VCE students at St Aloysius College. The conclusion of Unit 1 and Unit 3 brings with it the period of formal school-based examinations and mid-year trial examinations which are key preparation and practice. While the exam period can bring with it feelings of nervousness, student revision strategies are a vital part of the preparation process and are critical to not only success in the examination but also in managing and allaying performance anxiety. Indeed, asking a host of professions - performer, musician, sports person, business leader, real estate agent, police and emergency services personnel – adrenaline is an important aspect of performance. But all professions fall back on their preparation, their discipline and their training over time in pressure situations.

Examinations are also important as a valuable opportunity for feedback on learning.

As feedback is the backbone of effective learning, it acts as a guiding light towards ongoing improvement. By providing insight into areas of strength and weakness, feedback supports learners to refine their strategies and deepen their understanding. Targeted and specific feedback that is action oriented offers a roadmap for improvement, encouraging iterative growth and skill development. Embracing feedback cultivates resilience and a growth mindset in students that is to be encouraged and fostered in a culture of continuous learning. This mindset transforms mistakes into opportunities for growth, instilling confidence and motivation.

Alongside this busy academic calendar, VCE students have been involved in a number of important co-curricular activities in both sporting endeavours and the arts. Congratulations goes to the Senior Girls AFL team that had an excellent tournament coming runner up to St Mary’s College, St Kilda with a narrow 8 point loss. Despite this bitter defeat, the girls acquitted themselves extremely well throughout the tournament and were commended by a number of coaches. It is important to recognise this achievement given the size of the cohort and competing against much larger schools. In a post final interview, Ms Turner commended all the students reflecting: “It was a superb effort form the Senior Girls at the CGSAV tournament from Years 10, 11 and 12 students. In each game, the students showed an immense amount of respect for their opponents in conjunction with fierce determination to win.

The girls made the Grand Final and it was goal for goal until the last few minutes where St Mary’s took the lead.

I am so proud of all the students for representing St Aloysius College with courage and pride. In particular, the Year 12 students in their final competition for the College. A special mention to our Co-Captains Phoebe Skeels and Zoe Hasenrader for leading the team on the day.

In the Arts, a number of VCE students have been preparing with outstanding dedication for the upcoming College musical in June. Ms Lavelle has commented on the enthusiasm and preparation of VCE students who have a number of leading roles in High School Musical as well as the support from a number of Year 11 and 12 in both the wider cast and as backstage and crew members – a true team effort. I trust that families are eagerly awaiting opening night and I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Tom Crowle
Senior Years Leader