Tom Crowle

From the Senior Years

Friday, 21 June was the feast day of St Aloysius Gonzaga, the patron saint of the College. This is a great community day of celebration and joy.

During the Mass, College Principal Ms Farah spoke about the many gifts, talents, and attributes that St Aloysius possessed. He was a young man of means, highly educated, yet he chose a life of service to others. Indeed, Ms Farah explained that kindness, rather than cleverness, is an active choice to act in the interest of others.

Service permeates everything at the College – it is a core Mercy value. In this spirit, it was a credit to all VCE students who gave of themselves on St Aloysius Day in fulfilling shifts on a wide range of stalls and contributing to activities for the benefit and enjoyment of younger students at the College. This was Mercy leadership in action, and I commend all VCE students for their part in the festivities.

I also commend all VCE students on their contribution to the St Aloysius College musical. Whether their role was as a leading member of the cast, a member of the chorus, or fulfilling a range of support roles either backstage, providing technical support with lighting and sound, or working ‘front of house,’ all contributions made the event an amazing success, as shown by the sell-out crowds and record ticket sales.

Another significant milestone for VCE students in the past fortnight was their completion of the VCAA General Achievement Test. The General Achievement Test (GAT) plays a crucial role in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) by providing a standardised measure of students' knowledge and skills across various subjects. Serving as an assessment of general abilities rather than specific content, the GAT ensures fairness and consistency in evaluating students' educational achievements.

Moreover, the GAT helps to validate the overall academic performance of VCE candidates, offering insights into their critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. By emphasising broader competencies beyond subject-specific knowledge, the GAT underscores the holistic approach to education in Victoria, preparing students for higher education and the challenges of a dynamic, knowledge-based economy.

Finally, as VCE students approach the mid-year holiday period, I wish them success in their upcoming Unit 3 Trial examinations. These are important school-based assessments that allow students the opportunity to test their knowledge, recall, and understanding of Unit 3 content covered in the first semester. While there is no doubt a ‘juggling act’ between learning Unit 4 content and revision of Unit 3, I know that this is an important phase of consolidation for all students, and they are encouraged to use this as a key point in the year to gauge their preparation for the final VCAA examinations.

Tom Crowle
Senior Years Leader