From the Senior Years

VCE Students have an important role to play in the life of the St Aloysius College community – students are at the centre of what we do everyday as teachers. Their learning and wellbeing is important, as is their voice and experience of Term 1 2023.

This newsletter article features the experiences and reflections of two students in VCE Senior Years: April T (Year 11 B) and Poppy C (Year 12 C) and Lilley H-O'C (Year 12 A).

I hope that you enjoy their reflections as a snapshot of the experience of two individual stories from Term 1. Particularly noticeable from the student reflections is the way in which students have risen to the challenges of the more demanding academic rigour and the wider scope of their studies and the need for personal organisation and responsibility. This is a shared experience for VCE students and of central importance are the strong friendships and community connections made during students’ VCE years. Finally, what can be appreciated is the sense of anticipation and savouring the VCE years at the College as an important marker of time in students’ lives. School days – the joys, the characters and overcoming temporary challenges – will be shared in years to come as St Aloysius Alumna.

Tom Crowle
Senior Years Leader

With term 1 coming to an end, it marks the first senior term completion for yr 11s. The start of this year has presented many challenges for the year 11 cohort; changes have had to be made in order to adjust to the hectic schedules and what at times seems like an ever-growing mountain of schoolwork. But with these challenges, positives have also been found. Existing and new friendships have been strengthened, we've continued to learn new things and we seem to be constantly presented with opportunities to grow into our own personal interests and identities.
This first term of year 11 emits both excitement and fear at times. It presents the exciting yet daunting prospect of our final senior years and the our journey st St Aloysius coming to an end. Although these emotions can be overwhelming, they present ever more reason to be thankful and more appreciative of our time here at St Aloysius, encouraging us to live in the present.
With more to look forward to within the school year like the House Athletics Carnival, St Aloysius Day and the countless more memories that will be made with our friends, cohort and community it is clear that for the year 11s and entire school community we have much to look forward to and be grateful for.
April T, 11B
The first term of year 12 has already been full of highs and lows. We’ve had the opportunity to settle into our classes and complete at least a couple of sacs. In classes were completing different outcomes and units whilst also constantly trying to be prepared for the end of year exams.
For the year 12s, it’s bittersweet to be in our last year of high school, as well as unbelievably stressful, but the benefits of it have definitely been noticed as well. Having free periods and the common room are awesome additions to our school lives.
Activities like rock climbing, formal, retreat and interactive incursions or exciting excursions also really help to ensure things aren’t too monotonous for us and that we can spend time with our peers in more relaxed environments.
Lilly H-O’C, 12A
This term, as I’m sure many of us can agree, has flown past, with the last 9 weeks turning into mere memories.
The year started strong with our two day retreat at Melbourne University, where we stayed at Newman College, where we got a tour of the campus and did many fun activities. This was followed by our much anticipated formal at San Remo ballroom, with many remarks on the size of the room and the number of couples. Everyone looked incredible. After our ‘banger’ first week, year 12 set in.
Our first SACs, excursions and starting new subjects for some, have already been a highlight of the year. The term came with many challenges, learning that work completion was uncompromisable, and the importance of balancing school life with home life, as well as taking time for yourself. It was after I opened my first 45 slide Psychology PowerPoint that made me realize I was truly in Year 12. Shock horror! Who knew that there was so much content to learn in Year 12.
We completed our first English SAC together as a cohort, a certain surprise to us all when we discovered we were doing it in the hall in exam conditions to help prepare for our final exam. A small glimpse of what is to come in nine months time.
However, the term came with a multitude of fun activities for our year level, one in particular was our two rock climbing sessions during SAS. We went to Hard Rock Climbing in the CBD and had lots of fun learning how to use the equipment and watching each other scale the walls.
I’m so grateful for all my teachers whose hard work and help definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Year 12 so far has been a exciting experience and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the year goes!
Poppy C, 12C