From the Senior Years

Term 3 has begun for Senior Years students in Years 11 and 12. Students have ten weeks of learning, course work, SAC assessment tasks and a raft of important co-curricular activities and events including the upcoming College musical Seussical JR.

For many students the musical is one of the most meaningful events in their school lives – a rite of passage. I would wager that events like the musical are among the most remembered – alongside school camps for all students. They culminate months and months of effort, choreography, memorizing their lines and team work from the entire College community to make the musical such and enjoyable and high calibre production.

Below are reflections from Year 12 student Ike L and Year 11 students Amilia C and Thalia O about their experiences as part of the musical cast and crew:

Preparing for this year’s production has been such fun, learning the different songs and dances and practicing with students across the school has been a pleasure. These past months allowed myself and so many others to create lasting memories. I’m incredibly excited to be performing alongside everyone involved and this has been an amazing experience to have within my final year at the College. I hope everyone who comes to see us will see the hard work and care put into this show and have a wonderful time too!
Ike L (Year 12)
The College Musical is a great opportunity to build confidence, make friends and explore talents and passions of theatre. Seussical Jr has been an incredibly fun experience so far, and we're beyond excited to be opening the show next week. As we prepare for this, the cast and crew have been working tirelessly to provide the best performance we can with bright colours and endless amounts of songs. We hope to see you there!
Amelia C and Thalia O (Year 11)

Another celebration of student talents is the upcoming Dante Allighieri Italian speaking competition finals on Friday 21 July and we wish Anna-Maria D’O and Sienna P-Q all the best for their upcoming finals for the competition. This culminates their ongoing preparation in Italian conversation classes – buon corragio!

Another recent highlight and ‘real world learning’ for Year 11 students has been the Health and Human Development course in which the Year 11 students have been responsible for model babies that include alarms set to hourly alarms to replicate life span and new born to 6 months development as an authentic real-life learning opportunity as part of Unit 2 – Outcome 1 life span development. This has been an enriching, challenging and non-stop real world learning experience for students.

Olivia L and Lily H recently explained, perhaps tongue-in-cheek: “I’m never having children!” in response to one sleepless night.