January Ma

From the Year 10 Leader

A very warm welcome back to the College for our Year 10 community. It was fantastic to see our Year 10 students return with such positive energy and ready to start another great school year. The Year 10 students commenced their first day back with a pastoral assembly.

The Year 10 Pastoral Team for 2024 is as follows:

  • 10A - Ms Elisa Litvin and Ms Arina Mizuno;
  • 10B - Ms Chloe Cornell and Ms Alizee Bourgault;
  • 10C - Ms Pippa Mills

So far, students have had the opportunity to vote for their Class Captains and House Leaders and sign up for the upcoming House Swimming Carnival. Students were also delighted on Wednesday to have participated in the 7&10 Mentors Program, in which they introduced themselves to their Year 7 mentees. There were great discussions and chats in the Year 7 area, and it was fantastic to see the connection between the junior and senior students. Thursday also held a photo-taking session during the day and resumed their normal classes.

I look forward to a fantastic year with our Year 10 students.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader