January Ma

From the Year 10 Leader

The theme for our Year 10 2024 is A journey to Begin With. Year 10 is the year when students start to prepare, plan and equip themselves for their senior school year journey. This is well supported by the three subjects that we offer for our Year 10 students: Future Me, Nourish and Success Adviser Sessions, in which students learn about themselves, unfold their interests and strengths, and select the pathways they choose to pursue.

Congratulations to the newly elected Year 10 Class Captains and House Leaders. I would also like to congratulate all the students who applied for the roles and made a speech in front of an audience. It is the learning experience and courage that counts.

I am delighted to announce the following leadership in Year 10:

Class Co-Captains 2024:

  • 10A: Mischa Fahey and Summer Venegas
  • 10B: Helena Carra and Jacqui Puccio
  • 10C: Athiei Gor and Sylvie Ottinger

House Leaders 2024:

  • Fallon: Mary Grace Fitzgerald and Addison White
  • McAuley: Fadzai Bako and Scarlett Downie
  • Scully: Amelie Ellerton and Nicola Watson
  • Verdon: Polly Jean Butterfield and Poppy Ten Hoopen

The STRIVE Program last week marked one of the highlights for all students. The program has proven to be a huge success and students have thoroughly enjoyed it. This three-day program aims to teach our Year 10 students to learn how to face new challenges and to equip themselves to cope when experiencing challenges in life.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • An inspirational seminar with Eric Agyeman who is an empowering speaker for young people in leading self, leading others and the ‘cultural force’ of language in shaping identity and self-belief.
  • Students learnt about the importance of practising gratitude in everyday life, and embracing the power of resilience when experiencing difficulties.
  • A ‘healthy competition’ session at Bounce followed by a student-led Scavenger Hunt in the city which pushed the physical and mental challenges throughout the day.
  • A hands-on seminar with Elevate Education on study skills and time management, which promote independent learning and assist students in developing routines to balance study and lifestyle.
  • Team challenge activities took place at the College, which helped students to nurture growth mindset and collaborate with their peers.
  • Students finished the program with the movie ‘Inside Out’ as a celebration.

I would like to express my gratitude to all Year 10 students who took part in the STRIVE Program. Their enthusiasm and efforts to participate in each session were to be commended. I would also like to thank our Pastoral Leaders and other supporting staff for their support throughout the three days.

January Ma
Year 10 Level Leader

Last week we had the privilege to participate in the STRIVE program. The program included a workshop with Eric Agyeman who was an inspiring motivational speaker and really connected with our year level. We also had a workshop with Ms Ma, where we appreciated the value of resilience and gratitude. We then had a session at Bounce which we all enjoyed and learned the importance of healthy competition. On the last day of the program we had a study and time management workshop with Elevate Education which helped everyone refine and improve their study techniques and scheduling. The program was very beneficial and enjoyable to our year level.
Summer Venegas and Alice Everitt-Hirota, 10A
The Year 10 STRIVE Program was a great way to end the week with lots of enthusiasm from all of us and made the three days memorable. We gained knowledgeable information from the 'Elevate' workshops about efficient study and time management. We also had some engaging physical activity with a trip to Bounce in Glen Iris where many of us overcame challenges with courage and resilience. The three-day Year 10 STRIVE Program taught us many things and encouraged us to overcome hardships with solutions.
By Alana Pham, 10A
Last week the Year 10s participated in the Strive Program, on Wednesday we had an inspirational speaker who came to talk to us about the power of speech and how small groups can make a difference. On Thursday our Year 10 cohort were lucky enough to attend a session at Bounce in Glen Iris, and to complete a scavenger hunt around the city. On Friday two members of Elevate came to talk to us about study habits and how to efficiently revise and study for tests. We ended our day by watching Inside Out, we all had a very fun three days.
Eliza Luke, 10C