From Year 10

Mercy In Action Goals are completed every year by all students at St. Aloysius College. In Year 10, the focus is of the goal is for students to think about what skill and talents they have and how they can use them to contribute to the St Aloysius Community. Many have contributed to the recent Aladdin Jr. Production, either in roles on stage, as part of the backstage crew or ushering or serving patrons on the nights of the performance. Other students have used their sporting talents to represent the College in a variety of sports from athletics, swimming, tennis, cricket, AFL, Futsal and many more. Congratulations to the Intermediate A Volleyball team, consisting of Year 10 student who recently won the SCSA Volleyball tournament. The Intermediate B volleyball team was a combination of Year 9 and 10 students, and I was immensely proud to see the Year 10 students mentoring and supporting the Year 9 student in what were some challenging matches. Students have also contributed to the Spiritual Community by taken on roles in Masses and liturgies whilst others have assisting in the running of stalls of stalls at St Aloysius.

Andrea Barr, Year 10 Team Leader