From Year 10

The theme for our Year 10 2023 is ‘A journey to begin with’. Year 10 is the year when students start to prepare, plan and equip themselves for their senior school years journey. This is well supported by the three subjects that we offer for our Year 10 students: Future Me, Nourish and Success Adviser Sessions, in which students learn about themselves, unfold their interests and strengths, and select the pathways they choose to pursue.

Congratulations to the newly elected Year 10 Class Captains and House Leaders. I would also like to congratulate all the students who applied for the roles and made a speech in front of an audience. It is the learning experience and courage that counts.

I am delighted to announce the following leadership in Year 10:

Class Co-Captains 2023:

  • 10A- Sedora Tadele and Elvie Wake
  • 10B-Blain Adera and Christine Yuan
  • 10C- Carlota Ham Lopez and Olivia Tringali

House Leaders 2023:

  • Fallon Leaders- Mia Akers and Olivia Mosticone
  • McAuley Leaders- Sophie Hamilton and Scout Jansson
  • Scully Leaders- Rose Ryan and Isabella Tringali
  • Verdon Leaders- Ruby Collin and Sara Gilbert

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

The first three weeks back have gone by quickly and although I’m sure everyone was a bit tired coming back to school, we are all slowly and eventually adjusting to school and our new classes, teachers and such. And with the swimming carnival coming up, it seems like yet another small break from school so I hope that alongside the nice and warm weather, everyone can enjoy themselves and have a memorable time.
Ratag Zien, 10A
It's been a wonderful start to the year. We’ve already started getting into the most memorable events of our school careers, and there’s so much to look forward to.
Blain Adera 10B
As we start a new year, we get introduced to new opportunities. These first two weeks of year 10 have been extremely busy. At our first whole-school assembly of the year on Friday, both the house captains and class captains were presented with their badges, after doing their speeches late last year and earlier this term. Our parents attended an information meeting last week to inform us about the step up to senior levels. We also had school photos, immunisations, met our year 7 mentees and began to discuss the extra-curricular activities we want to participate in. This week we are looking forward to the swimming carnival where we will dress in our house colours, cheer on our team, and compete in many races, as well as the opening school mass on Thursday to welcome staff and students back to a new school year. While we enjoy the sun, this term will bring excitement and change as we adapt to new subjects and begin the journey of our senior years.
From Carlota Ham Lopez 10C