From Year 10

As we approach halfway through the term this week, our Year 10 students are getting involved in various activities and events. Ash Wednesday marked the first day of Lent. Year 10 students are encouraged to continue to support Project Compassion during this period. In Nourish this week students attended the second session of Respectful Relationship. Students learned about using their personal strengths in making decisions. The discussion of various moral dilemmas in class was constructive and valuable. Careers Testing took place this week which provides valuable feedback and reflection for our students in subject selection and understanding their personal strengths and weaknesses which is important in helping students to choose the right path to the future. Year 10 students are to be commended on their positive work ethics and perseverance to succeed. Please continue with the great effort!

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

Last fortnight in 10A we enjoyed a day in the sun at the swimming carnival. It was a great experience for us as it was the last year we would be attending so everyone enjoyed themselves and showed a lot of house pride. We have been learning about genetics in science and covering WWII in humanities. We're all looking forward to our careers testing on Wednesday 1st March which is happening as a part of our Future Me program.
Elvie Wake, 10A
Where do I start with school only starting it feels like yesterday was my first day back now I halfway through the term and got assessments coming up. In science, we have been studying about DNA and how it works what happens in the body with it and most important the structure. Maths could be challenging when you bring letters into the equation and have to do all this adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying. With the big blue sky and the city horns and sirens blasting the setting and plot is what English has us doing. Now let us go back 100 years when women could only just vote the ‘Roaring 20s’ were they so roaring after all? Learning all this to be told that in less than 3 years we will be out in the real-world other picking university courses, jobs, travelling and so much more that this place offers us. We were always told to dream big and so we will.
Hannah Kennedy, 10B
This past week the year 10 drama students had an excursion to the theatre to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which was an amazing opportunity. The students taking sport development had an incursion in the gym and our college musical has been announced. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the announcement, and everyone interested in the musical is excited to start auditions. The year 10 students have settled down and are back into the flow of school.
Olivia Tringali, 10C