From Year 10

During Nourish this week, Year 10 students met with their Year 7 mentees in the 7&10 Mentors Session. During this session, students worked together in their mentor team on unpacking what it means to create and maintain a safe environment that fosters positive relationships inside and outside school. The session concluded with some scenario discussion and a general knowledge quiz on Kahoot with a prize to grab. In Future Me this week, Year 10 students had a further understanding of the RIASEC Career Interest Groups framework. This framework will help them to match the careers testing result and provide further information on the career pathways they can choose for the future. While the end of term is approaching soon, Year 10 students continue to strive for success and do their very best to complete and achieve their goals. They have always made us all proud.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

This week, year 10s have been preparing for the Athletics Carnival commencing on the 5th of April, and have been working hard to complete the end of unit tests that have taken place. The cohort got to spend some time with their Year 7 buddies during Nourish on Monday, where we learnt about respectful behavior and relationships. As Term 1 is coming to an end, it has been a magnificent start to the year!
Isabella Tringali
It’s been a really exciting two weeks. Humanities, we’ve been discussing world war 2 and the Holocaust. I am looking forward to the Japanese comedian show that will perform for the Japanese classes.
Beatrice Davo
In science, we learnt about genetics in biology, motion in physics and now learning chemistry. It is fun to know how the DNA express our trait and how does it inherit to the next generation. As so as applying knowledge to the reaction of objects by force in daily life, such as leaning backwards when the tram suddenly starts moving. In biology, we learnt functions of various cells and systems. It is interesting to know how our body works and response to different environment. The more we learn, the more it makes sense, just like solving a puzzle. For example, why will we shiver when we are cold? Once knowing how the different cells interact and the process of the response, we will know the answer immediately.
Rachel Kau