From Year 10

Year 10 students had a great start of term 2 and are ready for the upcoming busy term. This term, students will focus on ways to look after their wellbeing, study skills in preparing for their assessments and preparing subject selection for next year. Students are encouraged to adapt a good study-life balance so that they can enjoy learning and enrich their vision to the future.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

In Year 10, we have been preparing and presenting our English persuasive orals. We prepared a speech on a topic we were passionate about and this week, our oral presentations started. We have also been working hard in our electives. In art, we are currently painting flowers/skulls inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe. In VET Fashion, we have been working on the designs of coats and started to sew our pieces.
Zeng, Mei Xin, 10C
We are now in week 2 of Term 2 and for the Year 10s it’s been great to see our friends and get back into routine, although waking up early isn’t so great. This term is expected to get pretty busy with many tests, assessments and exams. This past week, most of the Year 10 students have presented their English persuasive orals, each on a variety of different topics. Which we spent many lessons working on and preparing for.
Despite the many hours of studying to come, we are glad to be back at school with our friends and look forward to the busy term ahead.
Ashlee Mai and Sage Holowka, 10A