From Year 10

As assessments, exams and subject selection are under way, our Year 10 students focus on preparing and continuing with their study routines. Wellbeing plays a very important role in maintaining good physical and mental health which has a significant contribution to their academic learning. The focus for this term is to help our students to navigate and maintain good well-being so they are equipped and prepared for the challenges they may face in life.

Year 10s are commencing the process of subject selection starting this week. Last week, Learning Leaders from various faculties presented to the students the overview of VCE subjects on offer at the College. This week marks two very important events on subject selection: Senior Pathways Information Evening and Victoria Careers Expo excursion at the Showgrounds. These events help to broaden our students’ knowledge about different subjects and the pathways available for them for year 11 and beyond. Students will make decisions on subjects and areas they want to focus on in Years 11 and 12.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

This week has been a busy week for all year 10s. We have had many information sessions about our year 11 and 12 subject selection, as well as preparation for the many tests and exams that we have coming up this week and next. We also have a very exciting excursion on Friday to see a Careers expo at the Melbourne Showgrounds, which I am sure all the year 10s are looking forward to.
Aley Pleban, 10A
Recently, the year 10s have been learning more about VCE subject selection for year 11, as we have to pick them very soon. Multiple subject teachers have come to talk to us about their subjects and what they involve. We have also began preparing for our exams.
Sofia Staropoli, 10B
This week has been filled with assessments from English and French. The week opened with English orals that had topics that have recently sparked the interest of the media (for example: the AUKUS nuclear submarines, treatment of women in many different industries and racism in the AFL). Each topic was discussed within each student’s point of view. Another thing that has happened this week is that VET Fashion Year One students have started creating their winter coat. Year One students have started cutting out fabrics and started making the outside of their winter coat. The winter coats are very different and unique. That is about all that has happened this week.
Edelweiss Perez, 10C