From Year 10

After the exam in Week 6, Year 10 students spent some time reflecting and reviewing the whole procedure of preparing and completing the exam. To support this, during Nourish this week, our College Psychologist, Beth, ran a session on dealing with anxiety with our Year 10 students. Beth talked about the importance of calming our bodies before we calm our minds. Beth has shared some hands-on tips and strategies for dealing with anxiety. Most importantly, students must know that they are not alone and that there are always people (families, friends and teachers) who are there to support them.

On last Friday, we had the privilege to listen to Tommy Nyawir from the Mirror of Hope, who came and shared his inspirational story and the projects that focus on improving the lives of young people, men and women in the Kibera slums in Kenya. His story inspires us to reflect on gratitude and the power of resilience. Please refer to the attached website for further information.

Below are some student reviews of what’s happening for Year 10s this fortnight:

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

This week the Italian students had a poetry competition on Wednesday to attend so they were out of school for the whole day. They've been practising their poems for a long time, even during exams. I wish the best for them. We are also reaching the end of the term. If last week was the intense climax, this week feels like the falling action. Things are slowing down, and we only have 3 more weeks until our break, which also means we only have so much time left with our current electives, which is quite sad and exciting at the same time. While it has been fun in our current electives, we are all excited to move into the new electives of next semester.
Sarah D, 10C
This week in literature, we have been beginning the topic of poetry, where we've been looking at the poem Kubla Khan, and learning how to analyse it. We have been focusing on literary devices and learning how to analyse the structure of the poem.
Christine Y, 10B
This week in Japanese class, we've been studying new kanji, learning about part-time jobs, learning new phrases such as asking where we work or what things we do at work, as well as studying the difference between workplaces in Japan and Australia and comparing jobs. We are also partnered up with a pen pal from our sister school in Japan, and we are currently writing out our letters to them.
Ratag Zien, 10A
This week in French, we have been focussing on practicing poems for the Berthe Mouche competition. We are very excited to be presenting them to the adjudicator from the Alliance Francois on Friday!
Ruby Coetzee, 10A