From Year 10

The term has started very well for Year 10s. In Nourish this week, students participated in the Rights at Work workshop presented by the Young Workers Centre. Students learnt about basic workplace rights and how to understand specific terms such as junior rates, casual, part-time, awards, penalty rates etc. This term our students will participate in the Reflection Day, resume-writing workshop, 7&10 Mentor program and resilience workshops. The goal for this Semester is to prepare our Year 10s for the senior years ahead.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

Reflections on the Rights at Work Workshop

During our Nourish session, The Year 10 Cohort had the privilege of getting a visit from the Young Workers Centre, where we were able to discuss our rights at work. I had learnt a lot more, and now I have a much greater understanding of my rights, minimum pay wage and much more. From learning this information, I can be more confident in my work practice and apply all knowledge I've learnt.
Angap Chierdit (10A)
The Rights at Work workshop was a very informative and interactive session. We talked about the four rights we have at any job we work at, explained the terms that apply to our rights, and brainstormed our ideal work situation. We were shown how our employer may or may not respond to our complaints - and ways to negotiate. We learnt tips on how to address our rights, such as starting a union and going on strike. The workshop ended with afternoon tea.
Blain Adera (10B)
On Monday the Year 10s listened to Maddie from the Young Workers Centre. She taught us the four rights that we have in the workplace. We all really enjoyed this presentation as we can now use what we learnt in our future. It was interesting learning about how other people have taken action for their rights in the workplace.
Sophie Hamilton and Scout Janssen (10C)