From Year 10

It has been a very busy fortnight at the College for Year 10 students as they had a workshop in Nourish, assembly, excursion, Production, Italian competition and CGSAV Football and Volleyball tournaments. In Nourish last week, students participated in the Rights at Work Seminar presented by the Young Workers Centre. Students learn about basic workplace rights, and understand specific terms such as junior rates, casual, part-time, awards, penalty rates etc. Students have enjoyed the seminar very much and have developed a better understanding of their rights as an employee. Year 10 students also learned how to write a resume in Future Me. In Nourish, students explored the concept of resilience and learned some of the ways to ‘bounce back’ when they encounter any challenges. Students have also had the opportunity to fine-tune their approach to learning goals for Semester 2 and adjust plans in learning. Today, students participated in their Year 10 Reflection Day, where reflect on what makes them who they are through a spiritual journey.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

The ‘Rights at Work’ workshop was an insightful and educational experience that opened my eyes to the resources I have available at my job. We learnt many things like there are awards in jobs that give benefits, the minimum wage for our ages and how to file for a violation of rights at work. Now, we are looking forward to Year 10 reflection day, and many of us are excited to learn something about ourselves by looking at our past and enjoying a day outside.
Salamawit Hailu-Tesfay, 10A
This week we have our volleyball competition for year 9&10. Our two teams have been training for around 3 weeks, and we are excited to play against other teams. This week the year 10s also have our reflection day. Our teachers and coordinator have worked hard to plan it. We are going to the city and St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Jonnabelle Orate-Santos, 10B