Sport, excursions and goals

From Year 10

The past two weeks have been quite eventful and busy for our Year 10 students. Last week, a number of students participated in the CGSAV Soccer tournament. Although they didn't secure a victory, their teamwork and determination truly deserve recognition. Congratulations to all the students who participated!

As part of their Text and Traditions course, students from 10A had an engaging session at the NGV focused on interpreting Biblical art. The students had a fabulous time and were able to deepen their knowledge of artists and their interpretations of the scriptures.

On to Friday, a group of Year 10 students participated in Debating and Voice Choir events at the Frayne Festival held at Mount Lilydale Mercy College. A big round of applause goes to all the students and staff involved. It's worth mentioning that the voice choir made it to the finals, and our debating team emerged victorious in the competition. Congratulations once again to everyone involved!

This week brought us another valuable opportunity as staff from RMIT Skills and Jobs Centre visited to guide our Year 10s in resume writing. Students will complete this experience by submitting their resumes for the Future Me project.

During SAS (Student Assessment and Support), students continue to refine their learning goals and reflect on the feedback given by their subject teachers.

Our Year 10s continue to strive for excellence and try their very best to achieve short-term and long-term goals. They are to be commended on their resilience and determination to overcome barriers in various aspects of their lives.

January Ma
Year 10 Level Leader

On the 28th of August, the year 10s gathered in the STEM room during Nourish to listen to a speaker from RMIT to talk about resume writing. The speaker gave us some very interesting tips on how to write resumes and apply for a job which is incredibly helpful as many of the students are currently looking for part-time jobs. This talk also aligned with our current unit in Future Me about resume writing. The talk was very informative and will help us through our future endeavours.
Mia Akers, Ruby Coetzee and Holly Carter-Barnes 10A
Today we had a guest speaker from RMIT talk about how a resume is structured. We learnt about hard and soft skills, as well as tips to include in our resume. We were very lucky and got to eat pizza afterwards.
Gabriella Diquattro and Adelaide Nelson 10B
These past weeks have been quite eventful for the year 10s. Last Friday, we had the Frayne speech festival, in which a few year 10s participated in the Voice Choir and Debating competitions. Both categories made it to the finals, and our debating team ended up taking home the trophy. This is a very significant achievement not only for the win but because this is the first time year 10s have competed in debating, as they were up against year 12s. While the first two rounds were planned prior to the day, the final was a secret topic, and we were given an hour without technology to compose arguments. On Monday, we had a guest speaker from RMIT University speak to us about resume writing and how to alter it to fit each job application. We will have busy coming weeks as the term draws to a close, and we prepare for Mercy Day and excursions for Vet Fashion and Religion.
Carlota Ham Lopez 10C