From Year 10

Year 10 students have been very busy finishing off Term Three with various excursions, internal and external activities and completing academic assessments.

First of all, congratulations to Olivia Tringali, Carlota Ham-Lopez, and Sofia Jorquera for winning second place in the Year 10 all-round Victoria Debaters Victoria Association online competition for 2023.

Together with a few students in another year level, Hannah Kennedy (10B) participated in the two-day Seed of Justice Annual Conference. It was a great opportunity to network with other students from Mercy schools across the region to raise awareness of contemporary issues in social justice and to form students and staff in Mercy Charism. I would like to congratulate Hannah for her participation and dedication to social justice.

On Monday last week, 10B and 10C went to NGV to complete their final outcome for Text and Traditions learning about Biblical Art. During SAS, students continue to refine their learning goals and reflect on the feedback given by their subject teachers. A number of Year 10 students were involved in the CGSAV Netball tournament and made it to the semi-final. Last Friday, we had Mercy Day, which is always one of the highlights for our students. Students participated in various fun activities to raise awareness of the charity group in their Houses and to display House spirits.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

This week 10B and 10C went on an excursion to the NGV museum to learn more about Jesus. The art was beautiful and we enjoyed seeing all the sculptures and paintings. We also had lunch in Flinders Street afterwards. The year 10s are very excited for Mercy Day.
Brooke D’Souza 10B
This week we went on an excursion for our texts and traditions class to the NGV. On this excursion we looked at different interpretations of the bible through artwork. We were lucky enough to have some talented people walk us through the gallery and explain the many artworks and their historical significance.
Ruby O’Mahoney 10C