From Year 10

As we approach the end of the year, Year 10 students are busy preparing for their final exams. The Quiet Study Session takes place on every Wednesday at lunchtime for students to prepare for assessments and do some quiet reading.

The year 10s have just returned from our two week holiday break, and are tired but ready to return to school. Most of us are studying for upcoming tests or getting used to waking up early again. I personally went to the beach and had a nice swim. Some went out of state and others stayed home, relaxing and taking a well-needed mental and physical break.
Sadie N
This week the year 10s returned to school after 2 weeks of holidays. Many are happy and excited to reunite with friends and finish the school year. This is the last term before the end of the year, year 10 exams commence on the 13th November to the 15th November. Students are starting to prepare for exams and are eager to start year 11.
Maddie W

Congratulations to Carlota Ham Lopez (10C), Elvie Wake (10A) and Mei Xin Zeng (10C) who have won awards in casual wear at the Melbourne Royal Show. A special mention to Sofia Staropoli (10B) who was awarded the most prestigious award as well as first for her still life painting on a passionfruit flower. The awards ceremony took place at the Showgrounds during the holiday.

Last Friday, Year 10 students studying French went on a most fun excursion to the escape room.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

On Friday the 6th of October the year 9 and 10 French students participated in an escape room. This was to help us apply our French skills to situations out of the classrooms. We were in groups of three completing various puzzles and riddles using our French vocabulary and our problem solving skills as we worked against the clock to complete all the challenges. We translated sentences to decode messages that led us to our key, and as a class we unlocked a safe to find our prize. Overall, this was a helpful and fun activity that made our French abilities applicable to a pressured situation.
Carlota Ham Lopez and Ruby O’Mahoney.
On Friday the 6th of October, the year 9 and 10 French classes participated in an escape room activity at school. We had someone come in and run us through the program. We had a range of puzzles to solve in order to get a key to open the safe at the end of the escape room. All of the puzzles were in French so we relied on our vocabulary, reading and listening skills to complete them. Many of the mysteries were very challenging so we had to work together to finish the escape room. It was a fun and interactive activity that encouraged students to actively participate and apply their skills and knowledge learnt in French class. Everyone had fun and when we unlocked the safe we all won a packet of jellybeans each.
Mia Akers and Ruby Coetzee
We really enjoyed doing the escape room. It wasn’t too easy or too difficult, but it was fun and definitely exercised our French skills. We first had to open the suitcase by finding out the code to unlock the lock using the numbered pictures and the story written in French. Then after unlocking the suitcase we had to solve the puzzles inside and around the suitcase. We were taken to a van to find a key, first having to ‘shoot’ at the security camera; and then after going inside, trying to disable the alarm so that we could find the key behind a picture on the wall. It was a collaborative effort, with three to a team all trying to solve different parts of the puzzle. We also had to find the key to open the drawer to the safe. When everyone got their keys and placed them through the keyhole to open the safe, we all got jelly beans.
Blain Adera & Edelweiss Perez