From Year 10

Year 10 students have been very busy preparing for their exams and completing their assessments. Last Thursday, six of our Year 10 students were involved in singing at the Graduation Mass. Thank you to Beatrice Davo, Eva Bacher, Lila Kelly, Ratag Zien, Alyssia Diegmann and Rowena Duane for their involvement in the College Choir. During Nourish this week, Year 10 students have started to organise their Year 10 Social which will take place after their exams. This term has gone very quickly. it is hard to believe there are only a few weeks away before the end of Year 10, and very soon they will embark on their journey in senior years. It is important to enjoy and treasure each moment.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

The Year 10 cohort has been extremely busy as we head towards the conclusion of the year and the flurry of final assignments and exams. While providing us with revision guides and advice, our teachers have made it clear that we shouldn't place too much pressure on ourselves. The "Wired" performance by Brainstorm Production with performers Bailie and James gave us a new perspective on stress management. through Zoe (Bailey's character), we were able to observe the effects of taking on too much at once, while through Lucas (James' role), we were able to observe how letting other people's perceptions of you may damage your confidence. We had a Q&A session with the actors after this performance, and many of us took new skills to help us manage our stress in the future.
Salamawit Tesfay 10A
On Monday 23rd October we watched a play by Brainstorm Productions titled, “Wired”. We got to meet and watch James and Bailie, the lovely actors who played the characters Lucas and Zoey, two year 10 students who are struggling with their own life problems. It was an interactive play which helped engage us as audience members, we helped Lucas to speak up about his feelings and we encouraged Zoey to break up with her toxic boyfriend. The play was a real eye-opener for everyone and made us all realise that we all struggle with different things, and that struggling is completely normal.
Eva Bacher 10B