From Year 10

Year 10 students have been very busy in the past fortnight preparing for their exams and completing all the assessment to conclude Semester 2.

In Nourish last Monday, Year 7 and 10 students had their final 7&10 Mentors Session. The Year 10 students enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with their Year 7 mentees and they reflected on how they went this year and the memories, skills and knowledge they want to bring over to next year. Students enjoyed the activities and discussions. They also completed a Kahoot quiz which included fun questions about the College, their teachers and simply general knowledge. Students thoroughly enjoyed the session. Year 10 students are to be commended on their participation in the program and their guidance of the Year 7 students throughout this year.

As we approach the examination period, I wish all Year 10 students the very best in preparing for their exams.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

These past and coming weeks have been a chaotic blur. We have been gathering our notes for exams and completing a lot of revision. This is to ensure that we are correctly prepared for the exams we have coming up that start this Friday. But from the support from our teachers, guardians and friends we know that the effort is more rewarding than a specific result.

We also participated in a mentor session with our Year 7 buddies where we talked about their progress and played fun activities to get to know them. As we close the Year 10 classes, we still have two weeks of step ahead together until summer holidays start. Our Year 10 Social is also coming up once we finish exams on Thursday evening, so we can make the most of our time as a cohort before heading into next year!

Carlota Ham Lopez
Last Tuesday, the Year 10 French class took a tram into the city to visit the Alliance Française building.

For most, it was our first time as we participated in a cuisine class. We learnt about the differences between Australia and French food customs in relation to meals and seasons. By comparing the cultures in French, we applied our vocabulary to real life conversations and expanded on our pronunciation practice. We even got to eat some true croissants and imagine our dream French smoothie.

Overall, it was great application of what we had learnt in class and on a very fun topic.

Ruby O’Mahoney & Carlota Ham Lopez