Celebrating our students

From Year 10

This week brought the conclusion of the Year 10 2023 Academic Year. Last Thursday, we had our Farewell Day with a student-led Liturgy, presentation of awards, and the final Year Level Assembly.

The highlight of the week was, indeed, the Year 10 Social which was a huge success. From setting the theme to discussing all the details, Year 10 students planned, collaborated, and worked together as a team. The theme for the evening was ‘Red Carpet’. Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves with music, food, drinks, a photo booth and each other’s company. I would like to extend my gratitude to all students, particularly all the class captains for their leadership and assistance in making it such a successful event. This is a fantastic way to finish Year 10 and embark on their journey into the Senior Years.

I would like to thank all parents and carers for the conversation we had and your support this year. I am very honored to be working with such a fantastic group of students. I know I am going to miss them a lot, but I am very proud of their success and achievements.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

Year 10 was an exciting yet challenging year. Classes got more intense in a good way, and it was a year when the cohort came together to flourish. Our year level leader, Ms Ma supported us through the journey of the year and guided us. The most memorable day of Year 10 was the Reflection Day which gave us the opportunity to have a break from our studies and reflect. We had the opportunity to go to St Patrick's Cathedral and Melbourne Central. Our Year 10 Social concluded the year in a great way. The year level came together wearing the finest of clothing and we celebrated our hard work and dedication throughout the year.
Olivia M and Jasmine F
Year 10 was an exciting year in which we got a glimpse into our future of VCE, with some students undertaking Unit 1 and 2 classes, with some others participating in VET courses. This year, we had the opportunity to visit the NGV and explore the city, with other students able to go on other excursions depending on the classes they decided to take. The Year 10s were supported throughout the year by all the staff, especially by our teachers, pastoral leaders and coordinator, Ms Ma. This year was an amazing opportunity for us to get used to a faster pace as we progress into our VCE years.
Olivia T
Year 10 was a great year for a lot of us. We had more freedom in choosing electives we were interested in, and some of us even had the opportunity to attempt a Year 11 subject. We spent much of the year planning and preparing for our VCE and thinking about our futures. This year the year we got to experience many new and exciting things (such as the careers expo, NGV excursions and the Year 10 social) and made many good memories that we will reflect on for years to come. We are all extremely grateful for our teachers and for our Year Level Coordinator, Ms Ma, for making this year a year to remember.
Sofia S