From Year 10

2023 has been a very memorable year for me as a Year 10 Leader at St Aloysius College. I feel privileged to be working with this cohort, as each of the students is very special to me. As a cohort, they have displayed leadership skills, perseverance, and always strive for higher things. They are hardworking and have consistently shown care and empathy towards others. They have embodied the Mercy Values of care, compassion, respect, courage, and hospitality in their lives, and I am very pleased to see the success and achievements they have made in 2023. I would like to thank all pastoral leaders: 10A Pippa Mills; 10B Jeremy Loadman, and 10C Anne Stamboulis for their continuous guidance and support to our students throughout the year.

One of the highlights was the Year 10 Reflection Day, during which students had the opportunity to go to St Patrick’s Cathedral for reflection and then to the city afterward for some ‘free time’. Students appreciated the opportunity very much and expressed gratitude for what they have earned. Another highlight was the Year 10 Social, which concluded the year beautifully with a celebration together. In the Nourish Program, students had the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops from professionals, as well as respectful relationship workshops and the Year 7 and 10 Mentor Program.

Working with these young people has inspired me to become a better educator, helping nurture, support, and provide guidance to them. Most importantly, to be their shining light to help them navigate their way. Therefore, I took the opportunity to undertake post-graduate study in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, which has enriched my knowledge and perspective working with young people. Throughout the year, I have learned a lot from my students. I appreciate all the stories and perspectives they share with me, allowing me to see things differently through their lens. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from each other.

I treasure the opportunity to communicate with students and parents via the weekly newsletter and direct messages. I have enjoyed the conversations I had with the students as they shared their joy, worries, tears, and all emotions with me throughout the year. I am certain that our Year 10 is prepared and ready for the senior years. I will definitely miss them, and I wish them all the best as they endeavor on their journey to the senior years and beyond.

As I always finish my messages with this unique phrase with them: sending all my positive energy and love to you all!

January Ma
Year 10 Leader