From Year 10

It is hard to believe we are halfway through Term One. This week in Nourish, we had our second session of 7&10 Mentors working on creating and establishing Respectful Relationships. Years 7 and 10 students worked collaboratively to unpack what it means to create and maintain a safe environment that fosters positive relationships. They understood what it means to be a Mercy student and how we act out our values to protect ourselves and others from disrespectful or unsafe behavior. They read the St Aloysius Student Code of Conduct and discussed how it is implemented and embedded in the College environment, and discussed some scenarios and came up with possible solutions.

I would like to compliment all Year 10 students for demonstrating their leadership skills in leading the session with their mentees. Careers Testing took place this week, which provides valuable feedback and reflection for our students in subject selection and understanding their personal strengths and weaknesses, which are important in helping students choose the right path for the future. Year 10 students are to be commended for their positive work ethic and perseverance to succeed.

Please continue with the great effort!

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

This week was both hectic and fun. We had regular lessons to begin the week, but on Wednesday we also had a careers test. This test enabled us to expand our career preferences and helped increase a sense of self-awareness of our future aspirations after high-school. Although the tests were lengthy and new, it allowed me to grasp an understanding of my current interests and strengths.
Stevie J 10C
This week, the year 10s had Immunisation for meningococcal. After the immunisations, we were rewarded with a treat from Jodi. It was scary and a little painful, but I am thankful it was over very quickly.
Tracey N 10A
This week in sport development, the year 10's learned about the heart and its systems. It was really interesting to learn about the cardiovascular system, and I loved understanding the intricacies of one of the body's most crucial organs.
Adelle M 10A
The past two weeks have been full of events! On Tuesday the 20th of Feb, the year 10 cohort got their vaccinations against meningococcal, and on the 28th, we had career testing, which consisted of math, writing, reading, spelling, and problem-solving tests.
Jacqui P 10B