Study Habits and Subject Selection

From Year 10

As assessments, exams, and subject selection are underway, our Year 10 students are focusing on preparing and continuing with their study routines. Wellbeing plays a crucial role in maintaining good physical and mental health, which significantly contributes to their academic learning. The focus for this term is to assist our students in navigating and maintaining good wellbeing so they are equipped and prepared for the challenges they may face in life.

During Nourish this week, Year 10 students attended an incursion presented by Brainstorm Productions, an educational theatre company, which delivered a live performance to inspire students to build resilience and positive connections. The performance, titled ‘Sticks and Stones’, engaged students in various highly relevant issues such as bullying and cyber safety.

Year 10 students have commenced the process of subject selection. Last week, Learning Leaders from various faculties presented an overview of VCE subjects on offer at the College to the students. This week, students attended the Victoria Careers Expo excursion at the Showgrounds, which aims to broaden our students’ knowledge about different subjects and the pathways available to them for Year 11 and beyond. Students will make decisions on subjects and areas they wish to focus on in Years 11 and 12.

January Ma
Year 9 and 10 Leader

On Friday morning, the Mother's Day Breakfast took place in the hall. It was a great experience to attend as all the speakers were mothers of St Aloysius students. Hearing their life experiences was inspiring and provided a different perspective.
Summer V 10A
Over these last two weeks, our year level has participated in CGSAV Hockey where we placed second overall. We also had an incursion from Brainstorm Productions. This was an informative performance about being safe online. We also have the upcoming Careers Expo this week which we are all excited about as it will help us in out Future Me class.
Lila R and Tara M 10B
Over the holidays, Italian and Japanese language students went on the Italy and Japan school trips. In my opinion, the Italy trip was amazing! We tried many different foods, saw famous landmarks, explored new places, had a little too much ice cream, and had fun with friends along the way. The first few weeks have been going great, too. Our class has had a few assessments and tests, but apart from that it's been good to be back at school. In textiles, many of us are slowly completing our corsets. We are all also looking forward to our upcoming Careers Expo, where we hope to learn more about courses that we may take in the future.
Charlotte D 10C