Exam Preparation and Careers Advice

From Year 10

The last two weeks have been a very busy time for our Year 10 students due to subject selection and exam preparation. One of the recent highlights was undoubtedly the Year 10 students attending the Victorian Careers Show at the Showgrounds. The students enjoyed the excursion very much and took away lots of ideas, information, and some treats. Students are encouraged to discuss their choices with their parents and guardians, map out ideas for pathways, and prepare for the upcoming subject selection process.

Earlier this week, students attended a few Subject-Specific Information Sessions presented by Learning Leaders, outlining each of the subjects in their specific learning area. Parents attended an online Parents/Carers Subject Selection Information Forum last week, which allowed parents and carers to ask questions and raise inquiries about subject selection. In Nourish last week, the College Counselling Team spoke to the cohort about how to manage stress and prepare for the upcoming examinations.

While students are busy preparing for exams, we encourage them to always look after their physical and mental wellbeing.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

Year 10 Media

As part of CO.AS.IT.'s Cultural Program's Next Gen series, students from Year 10 Media unleashed their creativity and newfound technical DSLR skills by entering a photography competition to capture 'All Things Italian.' Delving into the essence of Italy and its rich culture, the students captured captivating glimpses of Italian life, from mouthwatering cuisine to fond mementos of family and friends.

A selection of student works was chosen to be exhibited, and we congratulate all students for participating. The exhibition runs until 24 June at 189-199 Faraday Street, Carlton.