January Ma

From Year 10

As Term 2 is about to draw to a conclusion, year 10 students have certainly made many remarkable achievements throughout the term. From excursions, language and sports competitions to College Production, Examinations and St Aloysius Day, students have strived to achieve all the small milestones along the way. Congratulations to all students for all their achievements and energy.

St Aloysius Day was filled with many amazing costumes, food, and activities. There were so many different cool costumes this year for the theme 'Dress as a character/something starting with the same letter as your first name'. There were churros, slushies, and sausages for everyone to eat. Some of the activities included just dance and a photo booth! Overall, St Aloysius Day was really fun and exciting this year.

January Ma
Year 10 Leader

This year, St Aloysius' musical was High School Musical. It was really fun to be part of the crew this year, you get to see how the musical comes together at the end. The recording crew this year was a really fun experience. As a member of the recording crew, you are responsible for moving the camera for the recording, setting up the cameras, ensuring the live stream to backstage is running, and be in control of the monitor. The musical had so much energy this year, and the audience was always cheering and encouraging the cast. Being apart of the musical is really an amazing experience, I encourage all of my peers to either audition, sign up for backstage, usher or just come watch the musical!
Mischa F, 10A
This term, the longest term of the year, has certainly been filled with lots of events. 2 weeks ago we had our mid-year exams, which definitely tired us all out, but lots of relief that we finished them. Last Friday was St Aloysius Day, where we had a morning liturgy and then got dressed into our costumes. This year's theme was “Something starting with the first letter of your name’. We then all participated in a range of activities, like Just Dance, and had a Churro truck come on sight for the day. On Monday we had an end-of-term assembly, which celebrated the achievements of the students in our school. We are all certainly ready for a well-deserved term break!
Nhung N, 10B
Recently, the musical has just ended. It was amazing. As part of the cast, I am proud of what we have achieved. Sadly, it’s over, but I look forward to next year. It has been a crazy but fun term. I get to engage more with my friends and enjoy the time at school.
Emma DM, 10C